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(2)Attractive Suggestion


Holtzman Good. Martha’s a fine cook, and I’m very lucky. Now, I’d like to know a little more about you, Maya. May I ask you some questions?
Yes... but... easy questions, please.
Sure. Which part of Japan are you from? Where were you born?
I was born in Shikoku, and I worked in Tokyo for eight years.
For eight years! May I ask what you do for a living?
Maya My job? I was Oh-ERU.
Maya, it’s “O-L.” Say, “I was an OL”
I was an OL!
OL? What’s an “OL”?
OL is an “Office Lady”. But, in my case, an Old Lady, too.
Don’t say that, Maya. You are very young. So, you took a vacation from your job to visit America?

“Vacation from my job?”



Oh no, I retired from the company.

まや、 “retire”は定年ということでしょう。あなたの場合は “quit”。

Quit. I mean, I quit my job. And I came to America.
Oh, you did. So, you came here for a specific purpose? What are you going to do here?
Ah... I came here to travel... to see America. Also to see my old friend, Yuka. She’s Japanese and studying in Monterey. (小声でグレースに聞く) 友香は「ビジネスの修士課程で勉強してる」といってたけど。
Say, “She’s taking an MBA program.”
Maya She’s taking an MBA program.
Holtzman Is that right? She must be a smart person; it’s a tough course.
Yes. She is very smart and a hard worker. I respect her so much.
Maya, you are doing very well. Keep it up!.
Grace 「上出来だ」って誉めたのよ。その調子で続けて。
Holtzman I see. And have you seen your friend yet?
Maya My friend? No, no. She did not come to the airport.
Grace Maya, say “She was supposed to pick me up.”
Maya “Supposed to?”
Grace “supposed to” は 「何々をするはず」。「彼女が迎えに来るはずだった」なら、“She was supposed to pick me up.”
Maya Ah... she was supposed to pick me up... at the airport.
Holtzman Oh, no. So, you mean she never showed up? Do you know her address or phone number?
Maya “I always got her answering machine.”(急に小声になって)グレース、「留守電」って英語ではなんて言うの?
Grace “I always got her answering machine.”
Maya Yes, I called her but I always got her answering machine. それに… I watched the news on TV this morning…Japanese female student が、ええっと…。
Holtzman Oh, I heard the same news. She was murdered.
Grace So, it worries you more because you can’t find her.
Maya It worries me more because I can’t find her.
Holtzman Then, you don’t even know how to get in touch with her?
Grace “Get in touch with~” は「何々と連絡をつける」よ。
Maya Ah... right. I don’t know how to get in touch with her.
Holtzman Maybe I will try the number for you... but... If we can get in touch with her, do you need to see her right away?
Maya Right away?
Grace もし、ジョンが電話をして彼女と連絡がついたら、すぐに彼女と会わなければならないのかって。
Maya No... I don’t need to.
Holtzman I see. Do you have any other plans? Any schedule to follow?
Maya I have no schedule. Today, I’ll make plans for tomorrow. And tomorrow, I’ll make plans for the next day.
Holtzman My goodness! Maya, you are very adventurous.
Maya I’m okay, because I have Grace. She’s my guide.
Holtzman Maya, if you have no plans, would you like to stay here for a few days? You are more than welcome here. Besides, I have lots of time, and I’d be happy to show you around San Francisco. What do you say?
Grace Wow... まや、彼は「ここにしばらく滞在しませんか?」って。それに、街も案内してくれるって。 Isn’t that great?
Maya Ah..... I’m.... surprised. I ...don’t know what to say. (小声でグレースに相談する)ねえ、どうしたらいい? 例のピストルのこともあるし…。
Grace I see, we don’t know about the gun yet... But he doesn’t look like a bad person to me. Besides, I will always be with you and help you. So, say yes!
Maya Y, yes... Thank you, Jon -san.
Holtzman You’re very welcome.
Grace This is getting really interesting... Meow!






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