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(2)Suspicious Colleagues


Holtzman Maya, this sliding door lets you out to the patio. I’ll show you the garden later. We always keep the screen door closed to keep out insects.
Okay. I understand.
And here is our living room. We normally use this room for guests and feel free to use it anytime. You can see the Bay Bridge over there.
あのベイブリッジは、サンフランシスコと、オークランドや大学のある バークレイ…つまり湾の東側とを結んでいるのよ。
Holtzman At night, it lights up and looks really beautiful. There are thousands of light bulbs up there on the bridge.
“Light bulbs?”
“Light bulb” は電球。夜になると橋が何千という照明に照らされて、とてもきれいなんだって。
We have a wet bar in the living room. Over there, you see? At night, I sometimes like to sit there and watch the bridge while drinking a Martini.
You mean, you sit at your own bar, look at the bridge, and drink a Martini?
Yes. What kind of drink do you like, Maya?

I like “margaritas.” Do you know margaritas?


Sure, it’s a cocktail drink. I’ll make one for you tonight.

Maya, you drank too much last night. You should be more careful. Remember the gun?

Behind the living room is our formal dinning room. Actually, since my son Chris moved out, I seldom use it. But with you and Grace here, that’s where we’ll have our dinner.
ダイニングルームは、息子のChrisが家を出ていってから、あまり使っていなかったんだって。Mr. Holtzmanには息子がいたのね。
そういえば、奥さんは? 話題にものぼらないわよね。
Maya そうね。でも、孤独だったのね…ホルツマンさんて。
Holtzman And this door leads us to a very important room.
Important room? What is it, Jon-san?
Well, it’s my wine cellar. I have a quite a collection of good wines. Do you like wine, Maya?
Yes, I do. But all I know is white or red.
Holtzman Don’t worry, Maya. I’ll teach you about wine. It’s a lot of fun. The other side of the hallway is my den. This way, please.
Maya “Den?”
Grace 「書斎」のことよ。 Meow! Look, Maya. In his den, there are so many guns and rifles on the walls and in those glass cases!
Matha Mr. Holtzman, your friends are here.
Holtzman Oh, they’re early. Let me introduce them to you, Maya.
George Hello, Jon. How are you today?
Holtzman I’m very well, thank you. Let me introduce my guest to you. This is Maya and this is Grace, Maya’s cat. They are visiting here from Japan. Maya, these are my friends, George, Mark and Tony.
George How do you do, Miss? Very nice to meet you.
Mark How do you do? Welcome to San Francisco.
Grace Wow, they look like... Anyway… Maya, don’t forget to greet them.
Maya How do you do? It’s very nice to meet you, too.
Holtzman Well, Maya, we have a little gathering every Wednesday. Please excuse us for a while. You might want to look at the backyard garden. We’ll continue our tour later this afternoon. Shall we, ...gentlemen?
Grace 毎週水曜に、このメンバーで会合を開いているらしいね。Meow…なんだか怪しい匂いがするね…何の集まりかな? とにかく、Maya, say, “I will be fine. See you later.”
Maya I will be fine. See you later.
Tony Hey, have you taken care of that group that we talked about last week?
George Yeah, I’ve got a guy watching the case. It has to be handled carefully, because drugs are involved.
Mark It’ll be too late, if he’s dead. We’ve got to move first.
Maya グレースったら、どうしたのよ? 背中の毛、逆立てちゃって。
Grace 「見張りをつける」「麻薬」「だれかが死ぬ前に、こっちが先に」…。これはただごとじゃないよ、まや。I wonder what they’re going to do inside.
Maya えっ、よく聞きとれなかったけど、そんな話をしていたの? それに、グレース、見た? あのトニーとかいう人のすごい頬の傷。おまけに黒のダブルなんか着ちゃって、葉巻きまでくわえてたわ...
Grace I know. They look just like the Mafia in “The Godfather” movie...


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