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(2)Fabulous Dress


Before I forget, I must buy a copy of the newspaper for Mr. Holtzman.
Matha Oh, yes… I see they caught someone suspected in the killing of the Japanese female student. Maya, please be careful when you go out alone.
まや、例の日本人留学生の殺人事件、犯人が捕まったらしいよ。被害者の特徴は書いていないかな? Maya, ask Martha “What does the news say about the victim?”
Martha, will you tell me what it says about the victim?
Let me see ... a seventeen year-old girl studying in a San Francisco high school. How terrible….
Seventeen…. High school…San Francisco….. よかった、友香じゃないわ! でも、その女の子は気の毒ね、まだ高校生なのに…。
We all feel bad about the girl. But at least, we know now that it’s not Yuka. What a relief! とりあえず、ひと安心だね。

Good afternoon. Oh, it’s you, Martha. How are you? It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.

I’m just fine, and you?
I’m quite fine, and how is Mr. Holtzman these days?

He is doing well, and he said to say hello.
Thank you. Please give my best regards to Mr. Holtzman. Oh, by the way, his son, Chris came by the other day with his fiancee.
Is that so? He hasn’t been home very much lately. You see, Mr. Holtzman isn’t too excited about Chris’s fiancee.
I see. And, who is the lovely young lady behind you?
Matha Oh, I’m sorry. This is Maya. …and her kitty, Grace.
Maya Hello.
Maya わ! でもMarthaって偉いわ。全然動じないで、普通に話してるもの。
Grace まや、ここはSan Francisco。同性愛者同士でも結婚ができるし、偏見で差別されたりしないように、いろいろな権利も認められているのよ。
Maya さすがは、自由の国、アメリカねえ。
Matha I think Mr. Holtzman thinks Maya is the right one for Chris.
Owner Really? I see... How are you, Maya? The ladies’ department is upstairs. Please go upstairs and have a look around. I’ll be right up.
Grace Uh oh...
Maya なんなのよ、グレース? 私の顔をじーっと見ちゃって…何かついてる?
Grace 「ジョンの息子のクリスが最近この店に来た」って、話していたでしょ。
Maya ええ。さっき確かそんなことを….その人のフィアンセも一緒にきたって言ってたわよね。 でも、それが私と、どういう関係があるっていうの?
Grace Well, Martha says Mr. Holtzman doesn’t like Chris’s fiancee but he likes you.
Maya まさか! 第一、仮にジョンさんが私のほうを自分の息子に勧めたがっているとしても、私はそのクリスという人とまだ会ったこともないのよ。
Owner Here you are. I understand you will be an honored guest at a party next week. I think this rose-pink dress would go very well with your beautiful black hair.
Grace 下でマーサにパーティーのことを聞いたらしいね。ところで、そのローズピンクのドレス、まやにはちょっと派手じゃない?
Maya Yes, this looks very nice. But... maybe I’d like a lighter color.
Owner I see. I guess it’s too bright for you. How about that one in sky blue?
Matha No, that’s too pale. We need a dress that’s not too loud, but is bright enough to make Maya shine at the party.
Owner I see. Then, what about that one in salmon pink in our show window?
Matha Yes, I think that might suit Maya very nicely. How would you like that, Maya? Would you like to try it on?
Maya “try it on?”
Grace 「試着しますか?」って。
Maya Yes, I would like to try it on.
Owner Very well. Let me get that for you.
Matha We have to get you a new pair of shoes to go with the dress, Maya.
Maya It’s very nice of you, but I’m afraid that’d be too much.
Owner Here you go, Maya. Our fitting room is right behind you.
Grace 「試着室はまやのすぐ後ろ」だって。Let me go inside with you.
Maya ねえ、このドレス、チューリップの花のようなデザインね。すごくかわいいわ。でもちょっと待って、1,200ドルもするのよ、これ!
Grace Wow, that’s too expensive!
Maya だけど…すてきね。 ねえ、似合う?
Grace Yes, I think the dress looks really nice on you. Let’s show it to Martha.
Owner Oh, yes. The dress suits you very well. And the size seems to be just right.
Matha Maya, you look like a royal princess. Let’s decide on this one, shall we?
Grace 「これに決めてもいいですか?」って?
Maya I like the dress, but it’s too expensive.
Matha Don’t worry, Maya. I’ve already checked with Mr. Holtzman for our budget today. We have plenty.
Owner We have a matching scarf in our accessory department downstairs.
Matha Oh my! That’d be stunning! I can’t wait to show Maya in the dress and a matching scarf to Mr. Holtzman. Let’s go downstairs, shall we?
Grace あーあ、「お揃いのスカーフもある」って、2人ともさっさと下に降りていっちゃった。買い物の予算はホルツマン氏から十分もらっているからって、マーサが言ってたけど... Maya, I think Jon’s up to something.
Maya なあに? その、 “up to something” って?
Grace ジョンには「何か魂胆があるんじゃないか」って言ったの。 ところで、Maya, you know something?
Maya な、なによ?
Grace You look really beautiful in that dress!











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