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An Evening at Holtzmans Party





(1)Debut to High Society



Holtzman?    Ladies and gentlemen.  Friends and relatives.  Welcome to our special gathering tonight.  Tonight, we celebrate for my son, Chris, whos just became President of Holtzman Lumber.




Grace?       We never knew Jon was in the lumber business.


Maya?       lumber business ?????????????????????


Grace?       Lumber ?????????????????????????????????? No wonder, hes rich. ?????????????????????????


Holtzman?    As some of you already know, Holtzman Lumber just celebrated its 50th anniversary.  When my father started the company 50 years ago, I was in Japan as a Naval officer and I never dreamed about joining my fathers business.


Guest?       Thats because you had your sweetheart there, Jon!




Maya?      50 th anniversary ???50???????????


Grace?       ???????????????50???????????????????????????????????????


Holtzman?    Well, it was a long time ago when my hair was much darker.  Time flies!  And a couple weeks ago, my son decided to take over the company.  It is about time he came home to our family business.




Holtzman?    While Chris is still on his way here, as his planes a little behind schedule, Id like to introduce our special guest from Japan, Miss Maya Kanazawa.  Maya, please come up here and say hello to everyone.


Grace?       Jon wants to introduce you to everyone now.  Go to the microphone, Maya.


Maya?       ????? ??????????????


Grace?       Dont worry.  Youve got to show results of your  training. Youll be just fine, Maya!




Maya?       How do you do?  My name is Maya.  I am very happy to be here tonight.  Thank you, Jon-san.


Holtzman?    Thank you, Maya.  Maya is such a kind and honest young lady.  About a month ago, when I came back from Japan, her suitcase and mine were mixed-up by mistake.  Although she was a newcomer to our city and to our language, she went to a lot of trouble to find my house and returned my suitcase all by herself.


Grace?       ???????????????????????????????????????Hold the tip of your skirt, bend your knees a little, and smile!


Maya?       ???????.??????




Holtzman?    Well, Chris should be here any minute.  In the meantime, please enjoy the party.




Holtzman?    Maya, you did a good job.  I was impressed.


Maya?       Thanks to Martha. . .


Holtzman?    Lets go around and talk to some of our guests.  See, my friends Mark and Tony are over there.  Lets go talk to them a little while.


Maya?       ??? ??????????


Grace?       Watch your mouth, Maya!


Mark?       Hello, Jon.  Wow!  You look so charming, Maya.  You see, here in America, its rare to see such beautiful black hair.


Grace?       ??????????????????????????????????????????????Maya, say youre flattered.


Maya?       Oh, thank you , Mark.  Im flattered.


Grace?       Im flattered ???????????????????????????????????????????Just in case you didnt get it.


Tony?        Tonight is your formal introduction to our friends and family.  And on official  society debut, so to speak.  By the way, you look really sharp, Maya.


Grace?      ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Anyway Do you know, Maya, what a society debut means?


Maya?        Its nice to hear that, Tony.  But, what does a society debut  mean?


Holtzman?    Let me explain that, Maya.  This custom originates in England.  When sons and daughters of a wealthy or noble family reach a certain age, theyre officially introduced at a gathering of people like this.  Then, they will become an official member of such society.


Grace?       A wealthy or noble family ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Maya?       I see.  But then, I dont really belong to such society.  My family is neither wealthy nor noble.


Holtzman?    I feel youre very much like my daughter.


Tony?       Well, she will be, if your plan goes right, Jon.


Holtzman?   ???????Tony???????Tony, I told you she doesnt know any of that yet.  Maya, could you go get a glass of Chardonnay for me?  You know that white wine that I like.  Its right over there.


Maya?       Sure, Jon-san.


Grace?       Did you hear, Jon said youre just like his daughter?


Maya?       ??????????????????????...  ??????????


Grace?       ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Maya?       ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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