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(2)Deborahs Hostility





Grace?      ????????????????????????  Look, I think that lady is coming towards us.  You have to greet her the way Martha told you.


Maya?      Okay, dont worry, Grace!




Deborah?    So, you are Maya.


Maya?      Yes.  How do you do?


Deborah?    Oh, theres no need to greet me.  Just tell me what youre up to here.


Maya?      Sorry... my English is not so good...


Grace?      ????????????? ?????????????????????????????Ask her, what do you mean?


Maya?      ??? ????????????????? Im sorry but I dont understand what you mean.


Deborah?    If you dont want to say, thats fine.  But I know youre trying to steal Chris!


Grace?     ?????????????????????????????????


Maya?      ???????????????????


Deborah?    How strange of you to be talking to a cat! Is that normal thing to do in your country? 


Grace?      ?????Maya, say youre not trying to steal Chris.


Maya?      Im not trying to steal Chris.


Grace?      What makes her say such thing, and who is she?


Maya?      What makes you say such thing?  And who are you?


Deborah?    My name is Deborah.  Deborah Holtzman.  Im Jons ex-wife and Chriss mother.


Grace?     ???????????????????


Maya?       I see.  Its nice to meet you, Mrs. Holtzman.


Deborah?    Oh, dont play games with me.  I know what youre up to. . .


Grace?      ???????????????? You havent even met Chris.


Maya?       I havent even met Chris.


Grace?      Ask her what makes her believe youre trying to steal Chris.


Maya?      Mrs. Holtzman, what makes you believe Im trying to steal Chris?


Deborah?    Dont you try to fool me with that innocent look.  I know everything.  Jons trying to make you look like a decent girl with good manners and nice clothing.  And you and Jon are trying to take Chris away from his fiancee who I introduced to Chris.  Hes in love with his fiancee.


Grace?     ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Maya?       I have nothing to do with Chris.


Deborah?    Whatever you say, I dont like Japanese women.  And I dont believe any of them.  A long time ago, Jon was seeing a Japanese woman when he was serving in the Navy in Japan.  With her innocent looks, she seduced Jon and then left him to marry another man.


Grace ?     ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Maya?       ??????????


Deborah?    Thats right.  It was Haruko.  I suspect youre related to Haruko.  Because of Haruko, Jon never truly loved me.  Because of Haruko, our marriage broke up.  And now you!


Grace?     ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Maya?       ???????????????????????????


Grace?      ???????????????????????????????????????? Maya, tell her thats not true.  And youre not related to Haruko.


Maya?      Thats not true.  And Im not related to Haruko at all.  I know about Haruko only because Jon-san told me about her.


Grace :               Good going, Maya.




Holtzman?    Ladies and gentlemen.  Chris has just arrived!

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