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Hey everyone, my name is Rainbow!

I've been living here in the Bay Area for the past 9 years! Wow, I can't believe it's been that long!

I love looking for new beauty products. Seriously, I’ll try ANYTHING that will make me more beautiful and healthy!

I am SO looking forward to sharing everything I know, with all of you very special members of Global Persons!



みなさんこんにちは! Rainbowと申します!





Kombucha! It's not 昆布茶 but a Kombucha baby!

Take a look at these pictures:

Adapted from Click
Adapted from Click

I have noticed these "Kombucha" product one day at Whole Foods after my yoga class.

(By the way, I LOVE yoga: Especially Ashtanga and Bikram!)

I was so excited when I saw the Kombucha! I was like "Yes!! The Californian health fanatics have finally realized the benefits of sea weed!!"

Naturally, I buy it and drink it right? OMG, you will not believe the taste of the Kombucha...

It was SO NOT kombucha! It was like drinking an apple cider vinegar!!!  What’s up with this? This is NOT 昆布茶 .....

Guess what it was!! Dun dun dun! It was, actually 紅茶きのこ。 Does everyone know what 紅茶きのこ is?








Please look at this picture below:

Adatped from Click

yea... don’t ask. I know what you’re thinking. It’s SO gross looking.... ew yuck!

Anyways, so you put sugar in the tea, and then the Kombucha culture shown above eats it

and creates vinegar in the tea! I know! Weird right? But it’s supposed to be really really good for you.

I tried making my own Kombucha, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted....

Mine ended up looking like half rotten tea... It was gross!   If you guys are successful at making

this Kombucha, let me know for sure!  Okay that’s my story for today!

ADIOS people!!!!





By Rainbow......



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